My top 5 favourite producer / supplier for ingredients

Divine Chocolate

We use Divine chocolate in the mousse. It’s a really good chocolate and their Ghanaian farm, Kuapa

Kokoo, is the biggest cocoa farmers’ co-operative in the world. They’re really supportive of women cocoa farmers too.


Aduna World

Africa is home to something like 25% of the world’s botanical species and Aduna really celebrate the continent’s ingredients, as well as having a strong socially aware angle, that creates sustainable livelihoods for their producers.


Coconut Merchant

Ethically sourced, sustainable, preservative-free… and a really good range of coconut products to

cook with.



The production of palm oil is a huge ecological problem but Carotino’s is sustainably sourced. It can

also be used for other for dressings and such like, not just cooking: it has a really good earthy quality.


Meridian Peanut Butter

Meridian Foods are organic, GMO-free, free from all sorts of additives and allergens… Their peanut

butter also happens to be delicious.

Zoe Adjonyoh